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We are restaurant veterans who were frustrated with expensive, slow, and fragmented bookkeeping options. We streamlined the landscape to better serve restaurants of all sizes and types. 

From food trucks to fine dining, we’ve got your back.

At FIXE we understand the pain points of managing restaurant finances.

We know exactly how frustrating and time consuming it can be to manually input vendor invoices or process payroll, only to have to wait weeks - or months - for your bookkeeper to reconcile each period. We were just as fed up with the process as you! So we created a focused solution that blends human expertise with powerful technology

Our team is at your service.

FIXE is a team of savvy restaurant vets, accounting experts, and software engineer pros laser-focused on bookkeeping services for the modern restaurateur.

Our recipe features best-of-breed cloud technology, fresh reporting, and human expertise that results in accurate, timely books that restaurant owners & managers can digest and take action on. Our solutions are on the menu for all U.S. restaurants, whether brand new or decades old, mom & pop, multi-unit, or franchise.

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"FIXE saves time, is very easy to work with, and is a tremendous value to us."

— Bryce Rademan, CEO Spitz
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