You’ve got a restaurant to run.

Let us take bookkeeping off your plate. 

“I partner with FIXE because they understand the restaurant business inside out.”

Dmitri Fagel
Director of Operations
Alliance Hospitality Group

FIXE’s combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology dramatically reduces the costs, delays, and hassles that used to come with managing your restaurant’s books.

Fast onboarding

Get up and running in 3 business days with our checklist and helpful onboarding specialists. You’ve got marinades that take longer than that.

Dedicated support

FIXE account managers are restaurant bookkeeping experts focused on supporting you with timely, accurate reports.

POS & payroll integration

We sync your POS and payroll provider so all of your data gets ported over nightly. No lags, no discrepancies.

Quickly realize time and cost savings that have a major impact on day to day operations.

A/P automation 

Stop dealing with paper invoices and writing checks. Simply snap a picture of invoices, and we handle the rest, from tracking item costs to paying vendors on time.

3rd party app solutions

Get full clarity on your 3rd party app sales & fees, and let us put money back in your account by disputing customer chargebacks. No more “black box”.

Fresh reporting

Timely reports, on demand. P&L, BS, and AP reports are available 24/7, so you’re always informed on your business’s financials.

A bit of zen

Say goodbye to the clutter of old invoices and the hassle of wondering if your bookkeeper will ever catch up to your pace of busines

Easier taxes

Stop dreading due dates. We’ll handle monthly sales tax for you, and CPAs love our accurate and detailed annual reporting. You can still work with your favorite CPA, or FIXE can refer you to a trusted expert.

“Thanks to FIXE, I got my weekends back! I’ve saved up to 10 hours/week on administrative tasks, and I always know the financial health of my business. 10 out of 10!

— Moses Harris, Owner, Blume and Plume Coffee

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