…Because you’ve got a restaurant to run

We’re bringing restaurant bookkeeping into the modern era. Our cutting edge turnkey solution leverages innovative technology to dramatically reduce the costs, delays and human errors that used to come with managing your restaurant’s books. Our clients are up and running within days, allowing them to save money and focus on what really matters… running their restaurant.

Easy Onboarding

Our team of dedicated onboarding specialists are standing by to help you get up and running. Most of our accounts are up and running in under 3 days.

You’ve got marinades that take longer than that.

POS Integration

We hook up directly to your POS so all of your data accurately gets ported over on a nightly basis. You can then check out the numbers instantly through our custom portal.

Vendor Invoicing Simplified

All you need to do is take a picture of your invoice on your phone and we handle the rest, from filing the invoice to writing the check to pay it.


Timely Restaurant-Specific Reports on demand. Our reports are available whenever you want them and are easy to read, so you can quickly learn how to improve your cost efficiency.

Payroll Processing

Paying your employees just got easier. We import your data and process your payroll every period so all you have to do is click “approve.”

A Bit of Zen

Say goodbye to the clutter of old invoices or the hassle of emailing your bookkeeper.

Easier Taxes

Stop dreading April. Our accurate and detailed reporting makes tax payments easier to file, which means cheaper, happier accountants.

Now Serving

Ready to put your bookkeeping on our plate?